Claude McKay High School


Latara Boodie : Senior Youthlink Writer

Named after the famous Jamaican and internationally renowned poet, Claude McKay High School is a government owned institution located at James Hill, Clarendon. The land on which the institution is situated was donated to the school by the Claude McKay's family. Thirty-five years ago, on September 1, 1976, the school opened its doors to Three hundred and thirty (330) students with just eleven (11) teachers. The current enrollment presently stands at One
Thousand and Ninety (1090) students who are trained by Fifty-Seven (57) teachers and supported by thirty-two (32) administrative and ancillary workers.
Over the years the curriculum has expanded to include a variety of subjects in which thirty (30) of them are offered at the CSEC level. In 2016 they began teaching cosmetology as a part of their curriculum.
Claude McKay High School has a very hands on approach to learning. Principal Mr. J.
Smith and his Vice Principal Mrs. C. Gray-Whyte guides the students and staff members with compassion while instilling integrity and discipline.
In buttercup and brown the young men and women of Claude McKay high school embody the spirit and life of a notorious poet who was a dignified scholar and also a free spirit.
There are several outstanding past students that have benefitted greatly from this institution. This includes CVM Sports Journalist Jermaine Maye, Attorney-at- Law Donna Ricketts, the Principal himself Mr. Smith and outstanding athlete Mathew Allen. Claude McKay has left a valuable impact on Jamaican Literature and on the worldwide scale. In honor of his name he has also left an institution which offers students a start to become great.

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