Digicel's HR manager's BEAT


The University of the West Indies' (UWI) Young Investors' Club last week hosted Digicel's human resources director, Andrea Dempster-Chung. The structural engineer by profession, who is also CEO and owner of Bookophilia, made an hourlong presentation to the young investors on how to manage various responsibilities. Her theme was 'Balancing Enterprise and Time' (BEAT).

The presentation highlighted key avenues to becoming successful, especially when overwhelmed with responsibilities. Chief among them was the idea of personal wellness, which includes the importance of family time, exercise and meditation and plugging out from technological devices during personal time. She also emphasised teamwork, time valuation and organisation.

At the end of the enthralling presentation, the young investors posed a series of questions to Dempster-Chung. She left them with the frequently heard but rarely practised adage: "Do what you love and the money will follow."

The UWI Mona Young Investors' Club is geared towards helping investment-minded students on the campus to realise their goals of starting businesses and making their money work for them. 

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