FUN FACTS Seaforth High


Mickella Anderson

Youthlink Writer

 Every school has things unique to it, and the nearly five-decade old Seaforth High School is no different. Considering you've never worn the blue-and-white uniform and taken a taxi up to Seaforth in St Thomas, then down Blacksmith Lane, then you can't quite imagine what is so unique about this school. That's where we come in. This week, we're counting down 10 things you'll never know if you did not attend Seaforth High. 

1 Respect the brotherhood. Call it a slang, nickname, alias or whatever you may, but 'Bredda' is just how the male students identify each other right now. 

2 The Holding Area - granted you keep an eye out for teachers - by the tuck shops or wherever there's open Wi-Fi, really is the best hangout spot on campus. 

3. In the afternoons, after a long day, and with a possibly long journey home ahead, the black bus is where the vibe is at. 

4 The formula for incredible art and craft is everywhere on campus. From the murals on the buildings to the school's numerous accolades, art is a language and passion which all students understand. 

5 At lunch time, French fries smothered in extra ketchup and mayo (yes, mayo) is a popular buy, no questions asked. 

6. On Sports Day, wear pink - if you want to be a part of the winning house, that is. 

7 Students today, their older siblings and possibly even their parents, have all been taught or influenced by the amazing Caroline Miles, the art teacher, and she doesn't seem to have aged one bit! 

8 You want to be on your Ps and Qs when long-standing teacher and current principal Mr T. is around - just saying.

9 The Seaforth High School male student starter pack: Air Max/Air Force shoes and HP bagpacks.

10. Traditionally, Seaforth High boasts the 'hypest' and most-talked about high school sports day in St Thomas ... for more reasons than one.