Horace Clarke High


Lamando Shepherd : Youthlink Writer

      On November 22, 2016, Youthlink journeyed to the northeast section of Jamaica, passing acres of banana trees and driving in cool weather to a very hospitable St Mary. During our stay, we got the opportunity to visit different schools in the area, one of which was formerly known as Islington High School.

The school was established on September 1, 1978, and accommodated grades seven, eight and nine. It grew progressively under the governance of Unes McLean Senior (Chaps), and underwent various changes under its six past principals. Christopher Walker, the current principal, has been recorded as the youngest principal in the school's history.

One of Islington's major modifications was a name change in 2016 to honour the late politician, Horace Clarke. It is now known as Horace Clarke High. Situated in one of the largest communities in St Mary, which comprises 21 districts, the school currently hosts approximately 500 students with a faculty of 40 teachers, many of whom are past students of the institution.

The school has recorded many achievements, including being Pioneer Dinki champions for seven consecutive years. Being highly recognised in the dance world has brought in some major investments from local and international entities. For example, Charles Simpson aided in the development of the school's computer lab. The school does have a few individuals thriving in the entertainment field, one of them being Capelton, a veteran in the reggae and dancehall music industry. There has also been Wayne Bingham, who was the first male student to have gone to college and was also a past principal of Tacky High.