Latara Boodie, Youthlink Writer Relationships are becoming more modernised, and with the movement towards equality, many men do not bother to practise chivalry, since most women want to do things for themselves.However, chivalry is still appreciated and makes men 10 times more attractive. With that said, here are five acts of chivalry that men need to bring back. 1. Getting to know the parents
Latara Boodie Youthlink Writer
Latara Boodie, Youthlink Writer
Latara Boodie, Youthlink Writer
Latara Boodie, Youthlink Writer
Latara Boodie, Youthlink Writer It's common knowledge: most of us are walking around with empty pockets. Let's face it, with this economy, it is really hard to pull off that extravagant dinner-and-a-movie date most of us like so much. What if you can get that same romantic experience for a little more than a red cent, though? Ok, fine, maybe a lot more, but it still won't cost you an arm and a leg. Check out our seven cheap-date ideas guaranteed to give you a good time on a tight budget.
Diana Arias-Lazcano, Youthlink Writer 1. Your friendship with a close friend is tearing apart because you both like the same person and neither one wants to give him/her up. Would you rather just step back and let your friend have the person OR talk to him/her about it?