School Review


Youthlink Writer
Lamando Shepherd
On November 22, 2016, Youthlink journeyed to the northeast section of Jamaica, passing acres of banana trees and roaming in very cool atmosphere, to a school in St Mary that is governed by the missionary sisters of the Allegany Franciscan Order - Marymount High.
Marymount High is an all-girls' institution which caters to 928 students and approximately 50 teachers. It began as a convent boarding and preparatory school in June 1935. This was based on a request from Father Eberele, SJ, to the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany in 1933, to hold a vacation school. In 1952, when a few students had reached the age for high school, three sisters did their best to teach them subjects done at that level.
Over time, the school gained momentum and students were prepared for the Cambridge University School Certificate Exams. Soon after, they were being qualified to sit the General Certificate of Education Examinations. By that time, Sister Joan Clare, OSF, decided to build the high school, which officially opened in 1964. The sixth-form component was established in 2006.
Marymount High has produced graduates who have advanced in the business, medical, financial and entertainment industries. Netball is their most prominent and talked about sporting activity, seeing that they have won multiple awards in various netball competitions. Their uniform is almost identical to that of their sister schools, Immaculate Conception High and Mount Alvernia, both of which were similarly founded by the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany.