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A splash of sound

Ryan Blake, Youthlink Writer

The Klip Xtreme BlueRain waterproof speaker is an ideal product for those who transform our shower time into a recording session. Packaged in a clear, hard easy-to-open plastic cube which can also be used to safely store the speaker when not in use. The speaker comes with a suction cup for easy mounting in the shower, and a USB cable.

Vivitar's Neon Swivel Bluetooth Speaker

Vivitar's Neon Swivel Bluetooth speaker comes packed in an easy-to-open, frustration-free box. The speaker is available in a variety of neon colours, as the name suggests; our demo unit was aquamarine. Also enclosed is a USB charger and a 3.5mm auxiliary cable for wired connections. Charging the unit takes approximately two hours with an adaptive charger.