A splash of sound

Ryan Blake, Youthlink Writer

The Klip Xtreme BlueRain waterproof speaker is an ideal product for those who transform our shower time into a recording session. Packaged in a clear, hard easy-to-open plastic cube which can also be used to safely store the speaker when not in use. The speaker comes with a suction cup for easy mounting in the shower, and a USB cable.

Vivitar's Neon Swivel Bluetooth Speaker

Vivitar's Neon Swivel Bluetooth speaker comes packed in an easy-to-open, frustration-free box. The speaker is available in a variety of neon colours, as the name suggests; our demo unit was aquamarine. Also enclosed is a USB charger and a 3.5mm auxiliary cable for wired connections. Charging the unit takes approximately two hours with an adaptive charger.

Christmas wish list for 2016

Payton Wilmott, Youthlink Writer

We are VR!

Payton Wilmott, Contributor

Please forgive my crude reference to VR Troopers, but I'm a nerd, and an old one at that! Anyhow, virtual reality is here and my hands-on experience with it is quite an impressionable one. This VR experience was possible with the Samsung Gear VR. The version tested was a demo unit meant to be used with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.