side-promo - a new dimension to partying


Biko Kennedy, Youthlink Writer

As digital technology continues to expand its grip on lives, more and more businesses are hopping on board as quickly as they can. There is even a online ticket booth! Yup, it's actually quite simple: visit the website (, select the event and number of tickets, enter your personal and credit card information, print or record your order number, have your information verified with your ID at the event and simply enjoy your night. Pretty straightforward, right?

Boasting sales from as far as Poland, Russia, Germany, Canada and Italy, the site is slowly building much-needed momentum in its online marketing strategies but, of course, behind every good encounter there's a struggle story.

"The website is almost a year old (11 months) and we have done over 30 events. The major struggle we've encountered, really, is trying to get Jamaicans to embrace online shopping and e-commerce," General Manager of Michael Campbell shared. "There is currently a handful, but they're shopping on overseas websites and using local couriers to bring their items home. We would like that market plus others who are into partying to try it and see the benefits they receive from shopping for their event tickets online, plus they get to budget because from one central location they can 'Search. Click. Buy' event tickets," he continued.

Why shop online for tickets?

The obvious question when the thought of shopping for tickets online crosses your mind is, "Why?" and the simple answer is convenience.
"Convenience in the form of saving time; you don't have to leave where you are and be stuck in traffic, you can avoid the hassle from the convenience of your home or office, using your credit card or PayPal account," Campbell explained. "The option of saving is also a convenience, because that $3,000 or $5,000 cash can be used to make other miscellaneous payments because you're using a credit card or PayPal."
With everything going the digital route, may be the only guaranteed place to get tickets for upcoming events. Don't be left out!
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