YL 2016 Recap


1. Best fashion trends

Ripped jeans
Extended tees
Fashion glasses
Coloured shoes (Air Force, Air Max, Vans, Converse, Huaraches)

2. Songs with the biggest 'forwards'
In any given year, there are going to be artistes who stand out from the rest. We're giving full recognition to those artistes and their work, based on their reception at parties and events between summer and Christmas 2016.

Alkaline - After All
Vybz Kartel - Fever
Alkaline - Champion Boy
Popcaan - Ova Dweet
Popcaan - World Cup
Charlie Blacks - Bike Back

3. Best dance moves
Dancehall songs that make you wanna get up and move have been around for years and years - no secret about that. As the years go by, the dances change and get more complex, from the simple 'Willy bounce', (international dance) 'Jerk' and 'Rejerk', to the 'ruum ram' and 'stuckii'. Now we have even more complex ones such as:

Ding dong Ravers - Wul Up
RDX - (LOL!)
Ding Dong Ravers - Gas
Don André - Tom Cruise
Bling Dawg - Aji bounce

4. Most used slangs
In addition to songs worth listening to, dancehall entertainers also came out with catchy, 'gimmick phrases' that really caught on.

Popcaan - Wooyoii!
Tanto Blacks - That's Rich! Real Rich!
Alkaline - Well, well, well, well!
Alkaline - Careful!
Popcaan - Waahhh!, get the killy dem crazy now!

5. Best teen events
Toxic Rave
This party had people talking throughout the whole summer. With a packed venue, from stage to gate entrance, it was a definite success. The DJ dropped the right tracks to get the crowd raving, coloured powder flew through the air, and water was available to soak all who dared to get wet. It was an awesome, well-executed party and Toxic Rave 2 is surely on its way, come summer 2017.

Water Worl'
Every year, patrons look forward to attending this in the hope of getting their money's worth. With the right DJs to get the crowd moving, and the luxurious foam pits accompanied by super soaker water guns, it's just pure fun at Water Worl'. It is definitely a must-attend event and if you have never been, make sure you are there in August 2017.

With the inclusion of international rock band R5 and the appearance of pop sensation Silento, this was a fabulous event for all in attendance. Hopefully, this will become an annual affair and will get bigger and better each year.

11:59 Fashion Overboard
Being the last party for 2016, it was a great way to transition into the new year, partying to tracks that everyone knows and loves, and dancing the night away. Though the venue wasn't full, the party was executed well enough to gain more traction for another installment to usher in 2018.

Let Loose
Under new management, Black Water Entertainment, the turnout for this was great. Being the hyped-up water party that it was, it is bound to make a successful comeback this summer.