Foam galore at Swinter

Lamando Shepherd, Youthlink Writer

Patexx: Any day now

Tashana Hutchinson, Youthlink Writer

Former Morant Bay High School student Rohan Rankine, better known by his stage name 'Patexx,' continues to live his dream of being a successful entertainer. In 2008, Patexx caught the attention of DJ Kenny who was so impressed with his song, Memories (which featured the guest vocals of Martina), that he took the artiste to Coppershot studios to record a dub.

Music on the streets

Mark and Candy, Youthlink's dynamic, crazy duo, are back to give their views on some of the hottest songs blazing the airwaves, taking over our tubes and keeping us hype on the dance floor.

'Afi Rate She' By Alkaline

Alkaline - File

Reality vs 'gyal and gun' tune

Joerio Scott, Youthlink Writer