What do you think about Frater's actions?

Jhanelle Brown, Youthlink Writer

Michael Frater

JC, StGC big showdown

St George's top scorer Amoy Brown. - Ian Allen/ Photographer

A massive showdown is expected when Jamaica College (JC) and St George's College clash in this year's final of the ISSA/LIME Walker Cup Knockout competition, which is set for the National Stadium on November 26.

Doping and high-school athletes

Jhanelle Brown, Youthlink Writer

Drug testing has become a very important part of an athlete's life. Consequently, the use of drugs for medicinal purposes is becoming a problem as some of the ingredients in these drugs are banned substances. For example, Panadol Multisymptom cannot be taken as it contains banned decongestion components. This will affect even high-school athletes. Drug testing was carried out on some high-school athletes at the 2014 Gibson Relays and, as of 2015, ISSA is going to introduce drug tests.

Should sports management be added to the PE syllabus?

Jhanelle Brown, Youthlink Writer