Mikhail D. Henry, Youthlink Writer Welcome to the start of the rest of your adult life ... OK ... perhaps, just your university life!  1 You have a general phobia of using/sharing a bathroom with others on your dorm. Would you rather wait until the late hours of the night to use the facilities OR travel to your friend's house 30 mins off campus each time you need to use the bathroom?
Naomi Redway, Youthlink Writer
5 Things to look out for @LIME Skool Aid 5th anniversary this Sunday, August 24, 2014  Free school bags & scholarships Each year, LIME provides more than 5,000 backpacks for students. In addition, scholarships will be awarded to lucky primary- & secondary-school students towards tuition/supplies.  Discounts on supplies & LIME phones
Mikhail D. Henry, Youthlink Writer The grass only seems greener on the other side because if you think life as a teenage student is hard, then wait until you become an adult.
Naomi Redway, Youthlink Writer Meet Amanda (left) and Azariah
Zoundria Kanhai, Youthlink Writer Jamaicans are brilliant and are determined to master whatever field they deem worthy of their time. Check out these five Jamaicans who have made a name for themselves abroad. 1) Grace Jones POB: Spanish Town, St CatherineCountry of residence: United States of AmericaAge: 66
Joerio Scott, Youthlink Writer Jamaica (Yaad) is home to many, even those who have long left our shores, and every year we celebrate her birth as an independent nation. This lovely island, as declared by Chronixx in Smile Jamaica, has "a rich history" and can be personified as "a beautiful woman with the sweetest gifts", but what are some of these gifts? 1. The women
ZoundriaKanhai, Youthlink Writer In Jamaica, some things just go without saying. It is not Christmas without sorrel and fruitcake, and it's not Easter without bun and cheese, fried fish, etc. Sadly, though, the more developed we become as a nation, the more we lose touch with things that make us uniquely Jamaican. Let us pause, with a moment of silence, as we reflect upon five Jamaican traditions that will never be handed on to future generations. 1) The telling of Anancy stories
Here are two quick and easymeals to make for Independence Day. REGGAE JAMMIN' ROTISSERIE CHICKEN SANDWICH Ingredients Reggae Jammin' Rotisserie ChickenCoco breadTomatoLettuceCheeseRotisserie chicken breastHoney mustard Method
Srinivas Malladi and Arianne Hammond, Youthlink Writers Communications has played a significant role in allowing us to reach this far in our 52-year history. Without the ability to access and reach out to one another and gather and share information, we probably would not be where we are today. Look at ways in which communications among Jamaicans has changed over the years. LETTER