Latara Boodie: Senior Youthlink Writer Did you know that York Castle High School was the first rural school to win the Schools' Challenge Quiz in 1971? Hmm, what else didn't you know? Youthlink has the inside scoop on York Castle High this week, so continue reading for more details.
Left: YL Must-try activity: Whatever you do, don't leave without recording a line or two to have with you as a reminder of the awesome memories you made at Jewel! Take it from General Manager Scott Robbins and staff member Zoey.  Mickella Anderson:Youthlink WriterPut your bun and cheese on pause and come along for the ride! This week, we're checking out what's hot at Jewel Runaway Bay Resort to really make your Easter sizzle!
Nestled in the cool, lush, green hills of Hanover, in the small, quiet, farming community of Pondside, is the renown Merlene Ottey High School. The school was constructed in 1988, but it remained unopened until February 1990, partly because it sustained structural damage during Hurricane Gilbert. Originally intended to be called Cascade Secondary Vocational, after the district designated for its location, a more ideal spot was identified in Pondside, which resulted in its present location.
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Lamando Shepherd :Youthlink Writer  Our journey took us to the western sections of Jamaica. The drive was a bit lengthy, but it was worth the trip. Situated in the cool hills of Darliston, a deep rural farming community which enjoys a diversified economic base, and located northeast from the parish capital is Maud McLeod High School which serves to fulfil the educational needs of students primarily from eastern Westmoreland and its environs.
< p>Feature: Doing sciences has become really cool, thanks to an exciting, new project launched by the JN Foundation recently at The Knutsford Court Hotel in New Kingston.The brand new project, Science Genius Jamaica, is an expansion of the Science Genius programme in the United States of America, founded by 'hip-hop' Professor Christopher Emdin, associate professor of science, mathematics and technology at Columbia University in New York.Grade-nine students from 20 participating schools in the project will create an arsenal of dancehall songs using purely scientific and m
Feature  Mickella Anderson: Youthlink Writer Romeich Entertainment has done it again. Added to a multi-talented promotional team, a successful clothing line and an artiste management section is a line of ultra-sleek and sought-after knapsacks called The Vault, the latest from the Romeich brand.
Mickella AndersonYouthlink Writer Krystal Chong had it all, or so it would seem. For most people, securing the dream job and making a comfortable living normally means a 'happy life', but for Krystal, that was not really the case. The former marketing exec dropped corporate life to find the fulfilment she was lacking and is now sharing her story in her debut novel, What The Hell Am I Supposed to Do With My Life?!