Mickella Anderson, Youthlink Writer
Diana Arias-Lazcano, Youthlink Writer 1. Your friends have invited you to a study day at the library in order to prepare for the upcoming CSEC/CAPE exams. Your mother does not like the idea and wants you to stay home and study instead, because she believes that you will waste your time if you go to the library. Would you rather go to the library with your friends OR listen to your mother and stay at home? Go to the library - 40%Stay at home - 60%
Mickella Anderson, Youthlink Writer In this section I appraise, in dollar value, things that do and don't make sense. If an issue is of great importance to me, I will give it a value of $1,000. Every subsequent issue will be given a reduced dollar value to reflect its decreasing significance to me. $1,000 - Uncut, unedited, unbiased
Chanel Spence, Youthlink Writer Everyone wants the prefect car to show off to the world, but which one is yours? Let's find out!
Chanel Spence, Youthlink writer When you look at an optical illusion, you may think that your eyes are playing tricks on you, but it's your brain that's the trickster. Let's see if it will play tricks on you with these memes!  1.  Image #1 Answer - This is done because Kristen Stewart doesn't normally show her emotions. 2.
Have you ever sung the wrong lyrics to a song for years simply because you misheard it? No worries! You're not the only one. Here are some commonly misheard song lyrics. 1) 'Blank Space' - Taylor Swift Misheard lyrics: "Boys only want love if it's Georgia."Actual lyrics: "Boys only want love love if it's Torture." 2) 'Fancy' - Iggy Azalea (ft) CharliXCX
By Kate Roleck and Chicago Tribune You've memorised your future university's fight song, found a cool roommate and started buying dorm decor (and maybe a year's supply of ramen). But what are you missing? Don't forget about these eight life skills you should absolutely have before leaving for school this fall. 1. DO LAUNDRY
Angela deFreitas, Contributor Do you love food and being around the preparation, cooking and serving of food? Is food-service management a career you would consider? WHO IS A FOOD SERVICE MANAGER?