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YL: Schools' Challenge Quiz Round-Up 

Glenmuir team members (from left): Jermaine James, Dejontae Dawkins, Phillip Lloyd, and DeAndré Nelson. 

The Campion-MoBay High face-off

Week eight of the Schools' Challenge Quiz competition was a very intense week of competition with a few surprises here and there. Let's start with the penultimate match of the week - match 44 between Campion College from St Andrew and Montego Bay High from St James.

The contest got off to a good start for both teams, with Campion securing seven points and Montego Bay just behind on four points. However, things took a turn in the speed section when Team Campion answered almost all the questions posed to them. Montego Bay, on the... read more



  • Monday: Wolmer’s Boys’ 43 points vs St Andrew Technical High School 9 points.
  • Tuesday: St Jago High 26 points vs York Castle High 12 points.
  • Wednesday: Westwood High 22 points vs Oberlin High 14 points.
  • Thursday: Jamaica College 15 points vs Bellefield High 10 points.
  • Friday: Munro High 45 points vs Meadowbrook High 31 points.


St Jago High team members after winning their match (from... read more

Troy High a gem of Trelawny: YL: SCHOOL REVIEW

Troy High’s Art Department and Art teacher

Opening its doors to 260 students in 2007 in the Southern Trelawny community of Troy, Troy High is the young institution making mature moves, existing as a complete oasis for student engagement and involvement.
A Youthlink team visited the ten-year-old institution and although the journey down was a lengthy one, it seems what those mountains of the Cockpit Country hide within them is truly a gem.  At first encounter, the school grounds appear well-maintained and the school’s embracement of its pupils is easily noted with the main walkway decorated by the school’s ‘Walk of Fame’ - a... read more

School's Challenge Quiz

Meadowbrook High team members (from left) Leon Parkinson, Daniel Simmonds, Morganna Gordon, and Ruel Hanlan

Wolmer’s Girls vs Meadowbrook High

WEEK THREE of the Schools’ Challenge

Quiz competition was a bit lacklustre and has left many talking about the low-scoring contests.

One of the better matches was between Wolmer’s High School for Girls (28) from Kingston and Meadowbrook High School (37) from St Andrew.

The match was close from the start, with Wolmer’s taking a small six-point lead, while Meadowbrook was able to secure five points at the end of round one. The speed section was a bit more intense, with teams securing enough points to bring their... read more

A cut above the rest

On November 2 nd 2017 Youthlink got the chance to experience the school located in the garden which was deemed by one of Jamaica’s prolific magazine, HHG (Health Home and Garden). Youthlink was given an unforgettable tour to show the Uniqueness of St Andrew High School for Girls, and why they currently stand as one of Jamaica’s Top performing high school. 

On September 21 st 1925, the Jamaica High School for girls, as it was first called opened the recently purchased dwelling house on an 8- acre site on Cecelio Avenue. The aim of the school as set forth by the promoters was “to... read more


The winning Titchfield team (from left): Javian Anderson (captain), Ali-Andro Thaxter, Mathew Carby
and Rushawn Stewart.

THIS SEASON of Schools’ Challenge Quiz got off to a great start for the number-one seed,Titchfield High School. The Portland-based team was able to secure victory in its first match of the season against Winston Jones High School from Manchester.

The first round of the match was a close one, with Titchfield ending on seven points and Winston Jones,six. Titchfield did most of the speeding in the speed section, ending on 28 points to Winston Jones’ 16.

Titchfield High continued to dominate throughout the buzzer section and by the end of the match, the scores read Titchfield 40... read more

BEWARE! Girls urged to protect themselves on social media

The Institute for Gender Development Studies booth was popular with the students.

STATE MINISTER of Education, Youth and Information, Floyd Green, urged young girls to be mindful of the dangers when navigating social media. “Sometimes we overdo our social media profile and think that we must share everything. The reality in the cyberworld is that you may have different people with access to your information. They will know everything about you. Not everybody will use this information for good. You need to look at the social media footprint you are leaving and be very careful,” he cautioned the students. The state minister was speaking at the second National Conference... read more

Fortis Forever!

FORTIS CADERE Cedere Non Potest! The Brave May Fall but Never Yield!” was the chant echoing after the final whistle blew for the 2017 ISSA-FLOW Super Cup. On November 25, football followers crowded the stands of Sabina Park to see their school emerging victorious in this year’s ISSAFLOW Super Cup football competition.

Kingston College the Purple Giants from North Street, battled St Elizabeth Technical to see who would be given the bragging rights to be this year’s title holders. The match commenced with an early goal from Rashawn Mackison, who somewhat dominated the day, scoring... read more

St Andrew High School student receives inaugural Bold Goals Scholarship for Girls

Diane Graham is the 2017 recipient of the inaugural Bold Goals Scholarship for Girls, awarded by the Nubian Council of Jamaica. The 17-year-old student at St Andrew High School for Girls was selected following a review of her application and a panel interview with council directors Conceptualised by a cadre of leading young women in Jamaican culture – Lacey-Ann Bartley, Jameela Geddes, Kemesha Kelly, Allison Richards, Rasheen Robinson, Kerin Scott, Samara South, Terisa Thompson, and Krystal Tomlinson – the scholarship seeks to afford bright, rounded and promising young women with financial... read more


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